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WA state landlord tenant act, tenant's right to break lease after receiving orders from military to move to another state

Tacoma, WA |

i am in the military. i have just received orders to move to another state. there is a military clause in my lease. the apt is going with state laws which requires me to give them a copy of my orders within 7 days of reciept. but the orders have a date of when they were made, NOT when i received them. anyway federal just requires i give them my orders and no set time period. does the federal law over rule state law.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. How did you receive your orders? For example, did someone hand the orders to you? If yes, can that person write a statement specifying when you received the orders?

    Have you talked with someone in the military (such as your officer or the military's attorney office)?

    Also, are you on a month-to-month rental or for a longer term rental? The 7 day notice is in RCW 59.18.220 (Termination of tenancy for a specified time – Armed forces exception). If you are month-to-month, RCW 59.18.200 applies. The statutes are here: .

  2. All you can do is give the apartment the orders within seven days of when you received them. Write a cover letter and explain that. Your landlord will have to allow you to leave and is prohibited from taking a judgment against you under these circumstances. Wishing you all the best - Elizabeth Powell