WA state child custody and family law, parent's right to terminate parental right and not pay child support

My ex-husband has made it very clear through his attorney that he wants to terminate his parental right in order not to pay child support of our 14 yr old. He wants my husband of 10 yrs to adopt her. Yet, he is mad and wats to hold me in contempt because our daughter is extremely upset over it and wants nothing to do with him now. She refuses to speak to him over the phone. Can I be held in contempt because of this.

Wenatchee, WA -

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Josephine C Townsend

Josephine C Townsend

Family Law Attorney - Vancouver, WA

Parents can be held in contempt for not following the court's orders, including the parenting plan. Most courts direct that the children will not be advised of what is going on in the court proceedings, so that there is no alienation I would suggest you not discuss what is going on in the court case with the children.

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