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W.c. pennsylvania is it legal for ins. adjuster to BYPASS the worker and lawyer, and go directly to workers doctor to dictate?

Harrisburg, PA |

somehow, "my" doctor, no longer asks what "my" (patient's) needs are.. he somehow has to ask the w.c. insurance adjuster if he is o.k with what MY NEEDS are?
where is patient doctor privlige/confidentiality?
by-passing me and my lawyer..first he took away the ONLY pills that helped me sleep..
now my doctor has to ASK to see if he is willing to pay first.

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If you have a lawyer, you should ask that person what your options are. Your lawyer should be to call or write the doctor to make it clear what the correct course of action should be. p Workers' Compensation carrier has limited methods of challenging whether a particular treatment is appropriate.


I agree with attorney Wolf. You definitely should discuss with an attorney. If the doctor is not familiar with workers' comp, she may not be handling things well. If you are not comfortable with a doctor, you can always change him.

With regard to the medication and treatment there may be an issue as to whether it is related to the injury. That sometimes has to be decided by a Judge. Good Luck!


It may be time for a new doctor. In Pennsylvania, as long as you are not inside of the "captive period" in which you have to treat with a company doctor, the choice of doctor to treat with is all yours. Once a medical care professional starts to consider the needs of the source of payment (the insurer) versus the patient, the doctor-patient relationship likely can't be mended.

Please note that, if a rehabilitation nurse paid by the insurer is trying to call the shots with your doctor, he or she can be "fired "from your case if you revoke any implied or express release of medical information you have signed.

Naturally, if you are represented by a lawyer, it's time to speak with her or him.

The answer to this question is based on Pennsylvania Law only. Workers' Compensation statutes and case law vary from state to state.

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