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Visitation schedule

Georgetown, TX |

Hello,i currently do not have any visitation orders in place. i live 98 miles away from my children but i still get them every other weekend of the month. what are the rules or guidelines on visitation. i have heard that if you live 100 miles or more away you get them one weekend a month. do all fathers have to go by the standard visitaion schedule of getting your chldren every 1st 3rf and 5th weekend or is there any way i could choose get them one weekend a month since we live a good distance apart. my ex expects me to go off the standard visitaion. what are my chances of getting to choose the visitation schedule. would me living 98 miles away fall under the 100 miles or more since its so close to 100 miles or would i have to to take the standard order?

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  1. You don't have to exercise all your visitation, so if you're looking to reduce the amount you have it is unnecessary.

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