VISA type to be changed while in the US.

I am currently working in US on my H1. My husband is planning to come to US on L1 next month. My H1 Visa is going to expire soon and hence i would like to move as L2 when he comes to US. Can i change from my H1 to L2 without moving out of country, i.e. while being in the US itself.

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Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

Yes, you can. Ask your husband employer's to handle that or do it yourself with their cooperation.

J Charles Ferrari

J Charles Ferrari

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

A change of status in the US is possible.

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Christopher Michael Pogue

Christopher Michael Pogue

Immigration Attorney - Cincinnati, OH

Yes, you should ask your husband's employer's immigration attorney to file an L-2 Change of Status. If they are unwilling or their fees are too high, you can always hire your own lawyer, but you will need to get a copy of your husband's file for the new lawyer.

You will also want to file for an EAD card to ensure that you obtain work authorization. If this is done correctly you should not find yourself without work authorization. However if done poorly you could accidentally put yourself in a gap of time where you are waiting on the EAD after the L-2 approval before your can work again.

When you travel outside the US next you will need to go through Visa Stamping for the L-2 Visa Stamp prior to re-entering the US. This is only necessary if you travel outside the US.

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Lalita Haran

Lalita Haran

Immigration Attorney - Carmel, IN

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