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Visa on passport for an asylee with a RTD

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I am an asylee in the US. I have a refugee travel document. I want to travel abroad for a conference. I am not going to the country of prosecution.
The embassy of the country that I am going to does stamp visas on a travel document, they only stamp it on a passport.

Is it OK to use my passport ?

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What else would you use? I am unclear as to the question.

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You can use passport in conjunction with your refugee travel document.


No. That is not advisable. You have to convince the consulate in question to issue you the visa on the RTD. Explain to them you cannot use the passport of the country from which you claimed persecution and applied for asylum in the US.

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Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar


Apparently the other attorneys who answered differently did not have bad experiences with their clients in the past due to the same reason.


I would explain to them again that you are an asylee. You shoudl speak to the Cosul who is in charge of poliical affairs - he might be able to understand why you need to use a travel document instead of a passport. And bring the approval if your status as an asylee.

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