VIP Auto Body in Coldwater, MI is causing a massive issue with our vehicle being returned.

Our vehicle was sent to them for Body and Mechanical repairs, they did only half the work, and I had to take it back for more issues, they sent it to Royal Chevrolet without my consent to have them do a diagnostics, 75.00 out of my pocket. We return the rental and now they state the rental has over 2,000 dollars worth of damage, he stated a multiple dents in the fender, and the whole side of the Van has been keyed. I feel they are also using insurance companies for an extensive claim, 8,000 for damages, to the front left. Multiple mechanics and bodyshops I've had look at it while we did have for a day stated no way it could even be over 3,000 with 80.00 an hour for labor. They now wont return our car until they have the repair money for the rental in their hands.

Angola, IN -

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Scott Richard Kaufman

Scott Richard Kaufman

Lemon Law Attorney - Los Altos, CA

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