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Violation 39:4-56

South Amboy, NJ |

I recieved ticket stating that "creating risk of an accident" . and code was 39:4-56. The officer said that this is no point ticket but with small fine. Please tell me is that right and how much would be the fine. thanks.

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  1. NJSA 39:4-56 is for delaying traffic. I believe the fine is between $45-50 and is no points.

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  2. That is correct. Delaying traffic is a 0 point ticket with a $54 fine. The officer did you a favor.

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  3. This is also known as "Delaying Traffic". The statute carries no NJMVC points. Fines and costs are usually $89.

  4. If I were you, I'd pay the $54.00 fine for "delaying traffic" instead of trying to fight it. As my colleague stated, the officer did you a favor by issuing this no point ticket if indeed you were creating a risk of an accident by your traffic pattern.