Violating probation

Asked almost 3 years ago - Decatur, IL

Since December 17th I was charged with 2 domestic violence, unlawful restraint. They are violating me of my probation. The night this all happend my girl friend was drunk, and I was trying to help her home. Once we got home she left while I was in the bathroom. I was shocked because he werent arguing the whole night, I call her phone and get no answer, I was worried about her because she had quite a bit to drink that night. After an hour she tells me she is with her ex lover, and she is at her friends house. She agreed to talk to me in my truck, after talking she agreed to go back home, because we have two kids to take care of. On the way home we start to argue a little she jumps out the truck. The police came to my house saying i was hiding. What will happen if i plead not guilty?

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    Answered . It is precisely as my colleague has stated. If you don't have a lawyer, you should get one.

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    Answered . YOU NEED A LAWYER! This is not something you can research online and then handle yourself.

  3. Answered . I had a similar case years ago when I did occasional criminal defense work. Do not speak about your case to anyone even on this anonymous forum. If you cannot afford a lawyer, then of course you will be represented by the public defender. It is implied that the girlfriend reported the incident, and there is very likely an Order of Protection. Comply with this order. Stay away from this person. Sadly, it seems, this person is not really your friend if the facts you have given are accurate.

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    Answered . If you plead not guilty to the probation violation, they will hold a hearing to determine if you violated the conditions of your probation. If you plead not guilty to the new charges, you are entitled to have a trial where the DA would have to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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