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Violating my civil right to FAIR and IMPARTIAL due process by blocking my attorney from legal access to witnesses.My former emp

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loyer was negligent and afraid of litigation....The site I worked at was highly unique and one of a kind in that it had 2 DISTINCTLY DIVERSE populations on the same playground at the same time doing physical activity...
Having ED SPED (Emotionally Disturbed Special Education) kids (13 and 14 y.o.) in close proximity and sometimes DIRECT CONTACT with SEVERELY MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED kids (age 5 to 17?) during Physical Activity can lead to SAFETY ISSUES.
In my case, it was one ED Male Student having a physically violent outburst and behavior around SEVERELY handicapped children.... One witness was willing to testify that this student nearly hit her in the face by throwing a basketball at high speed... He was also known to run around court with no regard for the safety of others.

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  1. Based on the facts, I really don't see how your civil rights were violated. You have an attorney to discuss this should be discussing with them...

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  2. Other than making a conclusory statement about your rights being violated, you haven't really asked a question. You indicate you have an attorney. You can certainly sit down with him or her and decide how to proceed with your case. Its difficult for attorneys on this forum to second guess him or her as far as the merits of your case based on the narrative you set forth...

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  3. You need to discuss this with your lawyer rather than posting specific on a website if you are currently anticipating litigation.