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Village court sned me a trial date for parking ticket after 4 years when I call I am told they do not have my hand delivere plea

Great Neck, NY |

Nassau County, NY
Village court sned me a trial date for parking ticket after 4 years when I call I am told they do not have my hand delivered plea of not guilty on file. Can I bring a motion for speedy trial violation? I have no proof of hand delivering the not guilty plea.
Do I need a lawyer for the motion or can I follow a template like this and draft one and drop it of at the court?
Thank you

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    Something is inconsistent. If they did not have your plea on record, then a judgment would have been entered against you initially for non-appearance. I would recommend that you requisition the file and review all markings and papers.
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  2. I don't know if the constitutional speedy trial right applies to a parking ticket like it does to a moving violation. Interesting issue.

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  3. Four years is not bad for Nassau County. Check out the article at the link provided below.

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