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Verbal lease of a commercial truck

Mount Airy, NC |

my lease was terminated due to me decideing what loads I put on the truck ,At no time was it ever discussed the he would decide what loads I would haul ,my payments were on time and current do I have any legal recourse

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    Possibly, but we have no information here to make a determination. It is never wise to enter into oral agreement. Although they are legal, they are also very difficult to prove. You could sue and then he could just say that the term of the lease was up and he took the truck. Speak to an attorney in your area for a 2nd opinion.

  2. You need a lawyer for this one. Verbal agreements are notoriously difficult to enforce, largely because they're "he said, he said." I don't know what you think your understanding was, so I can't tell if it would be enforceable even if you could prove it.

    Consult a commercial lawyer.

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