Using own home insurance vs using other party insurance

Asked almost 2 years ago - Rockville, MD

I don't have flood insurance since area is not flood zone. A huge construction for a school with land, up hill coming down to my house so if raining water come down to my house from that huge land of school. The construction company did not plan good water control pattern for their property and all water pure to my house and was flooded very serious. Even for risk of fire and other problems since water had force, fire station showed up that night while raining and shot the power and asked to leave the house if possible.

My own insurance is not covered by flood as well, this is not a real flood (just a bad plan from construction company hired by public schools). Should I report to my own home insurance and they go after other party or just sue the public school and construction company?

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  1. Thomas C Valkenet


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    Answered . This appears to be a follow up to your earlier question. You won't work through this issue with piecemeal advice from this website. A review of your homeowner's policy is necessary, in addition to the remedies that have already been suggested in response to the earlier question. You just need to pull the trigger and make choices.

  2. Mark William Oakley

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    Answered . Make the homeowners insurance claim. If they decline to cover the loss, then you will have no option but to sue the construction contractor. In the meantime, hire a lawyer to immediately contact the construction firm to address the ongoing problem, as well as contact the Montgomery County permitting offices and get a building inspector out there pronto. There are strict rules and regulations regarding sediment and water discharge from construction sites. Although your homeowner's insurance may cover some of your damages, it may not cover all. Nor will your insurance company start acting on your behalf to stop future runoff events.

  3. Cheryl Rivera Smith

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    Answered . If it were me, I would make a claim on my insurance. The insurance company will subrogate the damages to those who are at fault. You paid for the insurance, you should use it. Ask them to make the claim under the liability portion of your insurance policy since you don't have flood insurance.

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