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Used car price advertised, quoted verbally, and signed all different and paid way over than verbally quoted

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I was buying a used car, hooked up with a flashy ad for a used car for 13000, when I went to the delaer I found out that the fine print in the internet ad says 3000$ more is the real price than what was listed on internet . By the time I test drive the car and sat down to finalize the deal dealer says there is 2000$ more fee as financial charge fee apart from interest(APR). Did not explain in detail, and gave circuler arguement, under pressure I signed up with the deal. However today I realized Some how He managed to make me sign up for 17,500 loan on top of 3000 down payment. Is there any thing I can do at this point? I still have his internet ads with me which are clearely deceptive.

I bought the car from NY but the contract has another dealership name from NJ on it. I paid way more more under pressure while signing contract, I gave a 3000 deposit, is there any way I can cancell the deal? or re negotiate it? I called the lending bank directly they said they dont have any info. yet about this application. I called several attornies in NYarea yesterday and today, hopefully some one return my call.

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You are right to be looking for lawyer in the state where you bought the car, and if your initial inquiries are unproductive, consult the National Assn of Consumer Advocates ( for a lawyer experienced in vehicle purchase cases.
You are in a difficult situation because by at the time you signed the contract, it did disclose the price, even though that was different from the advertised price. You cannot cancel a contract just because on further reflection it was a bad deal. But considering the entire transaction, a lawyer may be able to find examples of misrepresentation about the car or defects in the paperwork that would give you some leverage in trying to unwind the deal.

Disclaimer: This site exists to provide information only. It is not legal advice. Answering your question does not create an attorney-client relationship. I am a Massachusetts lawyer. Any information provided on this site does not, except as explicitly stated, imply familiarity with laws or procedures peculiar to your state which may differ from those where I practice.


Its possible that you may have some claims under the Truth in Lending Act, Massachusetts Retail Installment Sales law, or the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act. Dealer's must disclose everything involved with the purchase to you before you sign. It sounds like that might not have happened here.

You should consult a consumer attorney who practices in your area. Many will give you a free consultation. You can find a directory at



I bought the car from NY but the contract has another dealership name from NJ on it.


You should definitely consult a lawyer with experience in consumer protection issues. There are several pages in Code of Mass Regulations (CMR) which prohibit the conduct you have described including banking, truth in lending, automobile sales and advertising.

Get the car inspected properly. Also, it may just be possible to void the sale.

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I bought the car from NY but the contract has another dealership name from NJ on it.


Make sure that the attorneys that you are contacting are experienced in consumer law. You can find a consumer law attorney here: Just scroll down to the attorneys listed for NY and NJ. Hopefully your search is successful and you can find someone to help you get out of this vehicle.

Good luck,

Beth Wells

Did a business treat you unfairly? See what your Consumer Law rights are to protect yourself:

Click here to see what your state law says is unfair and deceptive and what your legal rights are:

What is fraud? Click here for a “plain english” explanation:

This answer is for general purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. The law in your state may differ and your best answer will always come from a local attorney that you meet with privately. If you need a Consumer Law attorney, click the link above to find a Consumer Law attorney near you.

Jefferson W. Boone

Jefferson W. Boone


If this was an internet ad, you may be able to get long arm jurisdiction in MA .

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