USCIS Notice of Intend to Deny for I-130 Petition based on previous fraud marriage accused

I have filed I-130 petition for my wife and we both went to interview. Interview went well but no decision was made at the scene because my wife has a previous fraud marriage case. Two weeks after interview, the notice of intend to deny sent to us with the reasons of 204(c) because of her previous marriage and petition. A period of 30 days given to response and rebut their decision. What should we do?

Monterey Park, CA -

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Attorney Answers (3)

Malathi Benjamin

Malathi Benjamin

Immigration Attorney - Pasadena, CA

You should retain a competent immigration attorney immediately who can review your case and represent you. This is not something to do on your own.

This is not to be regarded as legal advice which can only be properly offered after a careful assessment of your... more
Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

You are WAY overdue for consulting with an experienced immigration attorney.

Fernanda Nunes Hottle

Fernanda Nunes Hottle

Immigration Attorney - Atlanta, GA

Hurry and retain a competent immigration attorney to advise you and hopefully help you with the appeal. This is a serious allegation and you shouldn't ignore it, but it's not something to handle on your own.

[This answer is for general purposes only; it does not constitute advice and does not establish an attorney-client... more

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