US Embassy at Dhaka has given Blue refusal sheet (OF-194) to my father on April of 2012 and still no immigration visa yet

Hello, Please advise! I have applied for my father and mother in May of 2011 and after a long process they had their immigrant visa interview completed on April of 2012 where they approved a visa for my mother but US Embassy at Dhaka gave a Blue refusal sheet (OF-194) to my father and. We have been contacting them periodically but they are saying “The required additional processing is still pending. We will contact you as soon as the process is complete. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.” What should we do? My mother came to the state at the end of last year but she along with my father are getting ill due to this long separation. I don’t what to do. Please provide me any relevant suggestion. Thank you!

Washington, DC -

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Jonathan H Levy

Jonathan H Levy

International Law Attorney - Washington, DC

Ok you tried to do it yourself; If it looks like there is a problem, you would be wise to shell out a few bucks for an immigration attorney. A lot of things can go wrong and only someone familiar with the process might catch the problem after reviewing your paperwork.

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Carlos E Sandoval

Carlos E Sandoval

Immigration Attorney - Hollywood, FL

Consult with an immigration lawyer in your city so he can review the letter you received, to see if it explains the reasons why they deed additional processing.

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