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US citizenship with amended DUI.

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Last Year in feburary, I was charged and arrested for DUI (BAC 0.07) but then charge was amended to Negligence driving 1.(I was also got a ticket for improper backing) I was sentenced to one year probation, which ends on june 30th. I also have had 5 speeding tickets in last 5 years. I plan to apply for US citizenship in July. What are my chances? I am also volunteering at local senior center and at temple. Please help.

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You should be fine but should really consider hiring an attorney to complete and go over your citizenship application with you. Please feel free to contact my firm regarding this and set up a free consultation.
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Misiti Global, PLLC.
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Fortunately, you were able to have the DUI downgraded to a lesser offense. Certainly, a DUI conviction would have been a red flag. During the naturalization process, an official assigned to your case may ask questions concerning the incident. However, a conviction for minor traffic offenses should not stop your application for citizenship. That being stated, it is always helpful to directly consult with an immigration attorney.

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Negligent Driving should not generally impair your ability to be a US Citizen. However, you should probably have an immigration attorney go over the paperwork. For example, you most certainly do not want to admit you are a "habitual drunkard," which is one of the odd questions there. Presumably you were found to have no significant problem with alcohol. The BAC level is low and did not result in license suspension.
One thing you could do is petition the court on June 30 for a "deferred sentence." This is essentially a temporary conviction, and it allows you to legitimately state that you do not have a conviction on your record. You were, technically, convicted, but the conviction was vacated. If you have questions about this feel free to contact our office for a consultation on this issue.

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