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US citizenship application, don't know if I should mention about

an incident happened 5 years ago during which I was falsely accused of shoplifting and at the end I was told that they believed me but just in case they would keep my info and the paper I signed (which was explaining what had happened without accepting the accusation) in their records for a while. There was no police, no charges, I didn't get a civil demand either. Since there was no arrest, I assume my criminal and civil record is clean. Do you think I should mention about this in the application form or during citizenship interview?

Elmhurst, NY -

Attorney Answers (3)

Kaela Anne Meyers

Kaela Anne Meyers

Immigration Attorney - Saint Paul, MN

Who falsely accused you and made you sign a statement? While it is important that you tell the truth about this issue in order to exhibit good moral character, I don't necessarily see where you can mention it on the application if law enforcement wasn't involved. You could mention it during the interview, but make sure you bring a letter from the police department where the store is located to show that they do not have any records of an incident report or arrest.

Richard Brian Hein

Richard Brian Hein

Immigration Attorney - Saint Louis, MO

You will seriously prejudice your case if you are not truthful with USCIS. Never lie. Never assume anything. If you were arrested, say you were arrested. If your were not, then you were not arrested.

Good luck!

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F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III

Immigration Attorney - Portland, OR

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