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US Citizen Living in UK - Better to get married to British partner in UK or in US to move back to USA together?

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Hello, I am a US citizen living in the UK with my long-term partner (British National). If we wanted to move to the USA, we realize our only option would be to get married as the US does not recognize domestic partner visas and securing work sponsorship could be near impossible. I have been researching and cannot quite figure out whether it would be advisable for us to get married here in the UK, then apply for a spousal immigrant visa to bring my partner to the US, or if I should return to America, apply to bring my partner over on a fiance visa and then get married in the US within 90 days. Which method would be quicker, easier, less costly? What are the pros/cons? Thank you in advance for your advice!

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    I believe London is one of the places where USCIS has its International Office. That means you can get married in the UK, and file I-130 locally at the US consulate under the DCF processing. See below.

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  2. Both methods are possible but I find the fiancé visa (K1) better because based on my experience, it is quicker and it is better to deal with the green card process while you are in the US. . However, timeframes can depend on backlog and personal circumstances, so I cannot predict a specific timeframe. Generally, fiancé visas are processed pretty quickly (2-6 months).

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  3. That is correct in certain cases you may direct file the I-130 at the US consulate in London, which would be faster and easier, if you would be able to do so. For more info see

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  4. It would likely be quicker for you to marry in the UK and proceed with an immigrant visa through DCF (direct consular filing).

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