Urgent tax question. Please help me. I am an international student, i do not familiar with the tax law. I bag for your help.

I received the tax account transcript that I ordered from IRS website last week. I found a transaction “review of unreported income" which code is 922. The date of the transaction is exactly same date that IRS issued the CP 2000 notice to me. Actually, two month ago, the “review of unreported income“first appeared in my account transcript, at that time, I called IRS, IRS told me that "they found some unreported income and will send me the notice latter". This time, this “review of unreported income" has updated to a new date which is exactly the date that IRS issued the cp2000 notice to me. I just wonder, does this date updating means that IRS found some new unreported income about me? Or IRS just updates the date of "922" because they send me a cp2000 notice? Thanks.

Dallas, TX -

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Everett R. Buck

Everett R. Buck

Tax Lawyer - Houston, TX

It appears the IRS is notifying you that they have received a report, such as a Form W2 or 1099 issued by an employer, that you had possible taxable income that you have not included on a tax return. Depending on the type of notice, you may need to file a return or provide information to the IRS as to whether the report of income is correct or not, or if correct if you have any related deductions that may reduce the tax owed, if any. You probably need to consult with a CPA or tax attorney and review the notices to determine what is the best thing to do.

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Bruce Givner

Bruce Givner

Tax Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

Hire a licensed tax return preparer to handle this for you.

Luca Cristiano Maria Melchionna

Luca Cristiano Maria Melchionna

Business Attorney - New York, NY

Hard to respond with no documents handy. My recommendation is to call your CPA or tax attorney. Best

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