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Urgent! I am looking for a lawyer to help me to sue a professor for his research misconduct

Tallahassee, FL |

Dear Attorneys,

I am looking for a lawyer for my case against my former major professor for his research misconducts. His main misconducts are listed below:

(1) My former major professor copied my published research results (which included a novel measuring method, and new experimental and simulation data) as the main new achievement in his paper but did not cite my papers. He is the solo author of this paper.

(2) He used my dissertation research as his proposal to get government funds, however, by the time of his application for the funds, this so-called “proposal” from him was already a finished research project conducted by me.

(3) He used my proposals and publications including my patent applications (2 US patents pending) and papers to get more than $400,000 funding during the past two years. However, he denied that I was the participant who worked for these projects. He paid me as a temporary work force less than $3,000 from these funds during the past two and a half year!
Recently, I know one of the projects ($100,000, 1 year) was totally based on my first patent (pending) and my proposals in my prospectus. In the budget of this project, over $30,000 should be paid to the student and my name was listed as the only one student who would participate in this project. However, I only got les than $3,000 as a temporary workforce.
This project has got one more year funds ($100,000) to continue. However, I was the only one who did the related research in the research group during that time. It is obviously that he used my achievements to apply for the second year's funds but did not pay me!

(4) One of the funds is awarded to my first patent application and the project was proposed in my prospectus (I could not continue my research because my major professor said no funds for my dissertation research). However, I was totally blocked out of this project. More than one of US companies is contacting our university for possible licensing of this patent (pending) and research cooperation!

I submitted an allegation against my former major professor to the university. However, the inquiry committee of our college denied my allegation last week.

The reasons of their denying are mainly:

(1) My former major professor acknowledged me in his paper (I did not find the acknowledgement yet!), so that it is ok because he was my supervisor.

(2) I was the student did research under my former major professor's supervision then, Based on the student-supervisor relationship, my former major professor can use my research to apply for funded projects in which I was excluded (it means that he could pay me nothing though I worked for this projects and had to apply for teaching assistant position to support myself then).

(3) They did not find sufficient evidences for other complaints (Actually, I sent the evidences to the inquiry committee but they had not mentioned that in their final report)

Right now, the university said it is final decision from the university based on the university's policy. Law suit seems is the only way I can do to continue my complaints.

I hope I can find a lawyer to help me in this case as soon as possible. I do not know there is any time limitation for me to find a lawyer to start a lawsuit.

I also hope that I can start the lawsuit as soon as possible so that I may have the chance to continue my research in my invention. I believe that my inventions not only have high academic value (my dissertation research obtained an award from a largest international conference for the industry in my research area), but also have huge economic value (my inventions solved a historic issue for high mobile power system used for cars and other application).

It is highly appreciated if any attorney contacts me for the further detailed information of my case.


Attorney Answers 2

  1. I recommend that you call the Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service for an intellectual property attorney or e-mail me for a referral.

  2. Hello,

    Another great tool for finding an attorney is this site. Do a basic search and read the attorney profile and type of cases worked on and you are likely to find an attorney that fits your needs.