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UREASA filed? child support services?

Sacramento, CA |

There was a UREASA filed in family court a few years ago that never brought to my attention until i looked up case records online....what exactly is a UREASA?

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That is probably URESA.... Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act. That was the method for dealing with support when the parties were residents of two different states. That procedure was replaced several years ago under UIFSA, whereby the support enforcement agebncies of the 2 states cooperate with one another.

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Oh so in other words, it isnt anything to be worried about? Its just two angencies in different states working together to settle or work on the case cause I reside in a different state?

Michael A. Aronoff

Michael A. Aronoff


In all lielihood, that is probably so. UIFSA replaced UREAS several years ago, so this probably fell into a crack. It still could come back on you if you are the potential paying parent. If you have found all of this to be helpful, please check the helpful block by the question.

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