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Updating immigration status with the social security administration: what if the file has mistakes?

Harriman, TN |

Wife is awaiting her appointment for her Citizenship Oath.

I got to thinking: Wife was issued her social-security number in '04, after she granted LPR. What do if we do if there's a mistake in her file regarding her status: SSA having listing her as a US citizen from 2004 and onward, when she was actually an LPR when she was issued the number?

We know she showed her GC and Canadian birth-certificate when she applied for her SS#. She would have had too, she couldn't have gotten it otherwise.
-- Is that something that should have popped on her background check done by the USCIS?
-- If they have made a mistake and have had her listed as a US citizen this whole time without us knowing, what do we do?
-- Who takes the blame?

99.9999% certain I'm worrying over nothing. Just curious

Attorney Answers 4

  1. !. How do you know that the file has her listed as a USC?

    2. No, it is not normal to show a Canadian Birth Certificate when you get a social security number.

    3. There is no 'blame' to take ... as long as she didn't check the US citizen box on the form.

    4. Basically, I'd say forget about it ... except that I go back to point #1 ... how do you know what the SS records say?

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  2. No worries. Simply go to the Social Security Office and fix it.

  3. this is not an immigration law quesiton.

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  4. If the error was made by the Social Security office, there is nothing to worry about.

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