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Unwed mother with a two week and four day old baby. Mother is taking baby to see father. Father is not satisfied with visits?

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What are the rights of this unwed mother. She takes baby to see the father on Friday's and comes home where she lives with her mother on Monday evenigns. Father is pressuring unwed mother to see more of baby. Father and mother have no jobs, no home of their own. Mother lives with aunt and mother at aunts home. Father lives with two sisters at their apartment. He contributes to nothing there. He is always homeless. Father is a very angry person and has a lot of personal issues with himself and with his family that he needs a lot of professional help. He can't take care of himself. Unwed mother is not comfortable leaving baby with him or anyone else. What should she do? What rights does the enwed mother have and the unwed father? This is the unwed mother's first child.

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Under such circumstances, I would suggest going to Family Court to sort out matters related to the child. Child support can be set up (and enforced); visitation schedules can be arranged, with supervised visitation if deemed necessary. The court will consider both parents and their living arrangements, and could require tests, classes, counselling and such in order to be assured of the ability of each parent to take proper care of the child. Family Courts look at what is in the best interests of the child. There are risks and benefits to going to court and having the system and professionals sort things out. In a situation such as you describe, it seems that the child's interests and welfare need some protection.

Some parents are able to sort out child support and custody/visitation matters amicably, and in the best interests of both parents and the child, without going to court. This may well not be one of those cases.

The mother should talk to a local family law attorney confidentially (and soon) to evaluate the situation and get specific advice. This forum is very public, and anything posted here is equally public information, which could be used by an opposing party, so it would not be advisable to post any further intormation.

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The father of the child born out of wedlock has no legal rights to the child until the child is legitimated. The mother of the child is the sole legal and physical custodian. She is also entitled to child support. I suggest that the mother of the child contact an attorney immediately. Many attorneys even offer free initial consultations.

This is a general interest posting. If you want specific legal advice please schedule a consultation with an Attorney.

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This Mother really needs to consult with a local attorney to review her options. When parents are unwed there are a tangle of issues that can arrise regarding child custody and visitation, starting with whether the Father has legitimated the child (if he has not, he has no rights). A court order would protect both Mother and Child and set limits for what the Father can "pressure" the Mother into doing. As the previous attorney noted, the Court has the authority to require support, parenting classes, supervised visitation and a host of other requirments that can address the concerns you have regarding the fitness of the Father. The matter is too complicated for the Mother to try to do own, the sooner she speaks to a lawyer the better.

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