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Unwed fathers rights

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My boyfriends ex girlfriend is pregnant with their child. She wants to give it up for adoption he wants to raise it by himself. He was told the only way he has any rights to the child is if he proves he was there for her during the pregnancy. Understandable that he should attend doctors appts but it's gotten the point that shell call him in the middle of the night to bring her ice cream and if he tries to say no she'll pull the adoption card. So a few questions arise. What are his rights as an unwed father to keep her from giving the child up? Also what is the real definition for "being a part of the pregnancy"? And last what are the chances of him being able to raise the child without her being a part of the childs life? She's a minor still in high school and is not ready for the responsibility. He doesn't have the best track record either but he would not be able to handle his child being raised by somebody else. He is 20 with a not so great job but he wants to take redppnsibility for his actions. I know I play no role in it whatsoever but i hate to see him suffer and this girl is making his life hell. Any advice? Thank you.

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Your boyfriend needs to sign an "acknowledgement of Paternity" form at the hospital and also get his name listed on the child's birth certificate. If he is afraid that his child's mother will give up the baby, he should go to the local child support agency and ask to start a paternity action where he is adjudicated the baby's dad. Once there is a finding of paternity, he can ask the court for custody and placement of the child.

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