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Untimely maner in my DUI blood test. 3 hours from when i requested it. Also BIG inconsistency from .12 blow and .10 ,3hrs. later

Kailua, HI |

At 1:10 AM. I blew in a road unit breath test. Blowing .126 I was arrested and opted to take the blood test instead of main breathalizer. . During holding I was pounding water, throwing up and pounding more. I was pacing and doing pushups to sweat, thinking i had only precious minutes. At 3 :45 I was transfered to the Main station where a private, on-call med-tech took my blood at 4:10 Am. ( I have all documents). My blood result came back 0.10. So in 3 hours of drinking water and sweating my BAC went down only .026?? that's impossible.. The human body burns .01-.03 pr hour ( or one drink ) according to online studies.. How do i fight this point?

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Hello again. I understand that you don't currently have the funds for an attorney, based on your responses to my answer to your previous questions. The problem is that you are asking a number of complicated questions that involve both scientific and legal analysis, and answering those questions competently is going to require a thorough understanding of all of the facts and circumstances of your case. I don't practice in HI (hope to change that in the coming years), but throughout the rest of the country it is common for DUI attorneys to offer a free consultation. It can't hurt for you to call a couple of local DUI attorneys and explain your situation to them. If you end up not hiring anyone, then at least you will have some of your questions answered, and have a better idea of what direction to go in. Unfortunately, the reality is that the best chances you have of getting a case dismissed is by having an attorney represent you. In special circumstances, I sometimes allow clients to pay me as little as $100 every 2 weeks, so it may be possible that you can find somebody to work with. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen

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