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Unlawful Detainer Response Time and service time

Clovis, CA |

If I file a responce today (My Last day to file) does the LL lawyer and LL have to be served today as well? and what if I dont know how to contact LL as he goes through a management company..
Thanks for your help

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If you are filing an answer or other response in court, a proof of service must be attached to the response indicating service on the attorney or party representing himself/herself. The proof of service must be signed by someone that is not a party to the action. The address of the attorney or party to be served should be on the unlawful detainer complaint. If you cannot afford an attorney, there are often services available through many courts that may be able to help. If you have any defenses to the complaint, it is important that the defenses be appropriately stated and identified in the response. It is also important to file on time to avoid a default which may prevent you from defending the complaint.

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You must file in court and you must serve the other side today. You will notice there is a place to input that you served the other side with the response. You can serve the landlord's attorney and not worry about serving the LL.

Make sure your response has all your defenses you want to bring up or you may lose those defenses. If there are problems with the residence you need to be sure to annotate them so the judge can see what is going on.

Contact an attorney in your area. Many give a free consultation. I am in Fresno so I just want to let you know that the clerks office for filing closes at 4:00 pm

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