Unjustified Dismissal with Prejudice.

What can I do with an unjustified dismissal of my motion to vacate the judgment with prejudice? Since Judges are immune so then I cannot sue the Judge for this unjustified ruling. However, can I request to have another Judge in place of this unjustified ruling Judge? If so, what is the proper way to do it? Thank you.

Chicago, IL -

Attorney Answers (2)

Joseph Andrew Brabender IV

Joseph Andrew Brabender IV

Litigation Lawyer - Chicago, IL

Retain an attorney to file an appeal. You must act now, there are strict time limitations and technical requirements.

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J. Richard Kulerski

J. Richard Kulerski

Mediation Attorney - Oak Brook, IL

You cannot ask for another judge. Consider what attorney Brabender said about filing an appeal.

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