Union dues are being deducted from my regular pay and overtime pay. Can my employer deduct dues from both checks/twice a month?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Fresno, CA

As a classified employee at a school district in the state of CA we are able to work and claim overtime. I recently noticed that I had pro-rated amount of union dues deducted from all of my overtime and supplemental paychecks in addition to the full amount of union dues deducted from my regular pay. Is this allowable? Do I have a right to re-claim the multiple union dues deductions?

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  1. Answered . If your dues are a flat rate per month and the amount deducted does not exceed that total, this is probably just fine. If your dues are based on a percentage of earnings and the amount deducted does not exceed that percentage, again, this is probably fine. However, if the amount deducted exceeds the required dues amount, it is an overcharge. In that case, contact your payroll department and arrange for it to correct the error and refund any overpayments. Keep a record of the names of everyone you speak with and what they say, as well as the dates of each conversation. If this is not remedied in a reasonable amount of time, contact your union.

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