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Unemployment Over Payment Question..

Franklin, WI |

Unemployment Over Payment Question..
Hi,I received UE from 1/12/13 to 12/28/13.I also had income from a PT job(taking care of my Mother) that I notified them about and have letters from them with that information on it.I misunderstood the procedure and thought once I initially reported the job and they were aware of it that I didn't have to claim it every week.They also waived me from the job search because of the PT job.I received a letter of over payment 2 weeks ago and a phone hearing last week.They "lady" was rude,would not let me finish answering her questions,ect.I received a letter this week saying I concealed income and that the overpayment was no fault of theirs,and they are threatening court action.They say I have to repay everything back because I concealed income and owe them $15,000 with interest and fines.They also added a week that I never received any benefits(1/13/14). Also I paid taxes on all income,never tried to hide anything,they knew about the job but continued to pay for a year.I don't believe its entirely my fault and I did not conceal anything,I just misunderstood the procedure. Is there anything I can do?,Is there an Attorney in Milwaukee County that can help me?

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  1. This is not something you should try to deal with unless you are represented by legal counsel. Atty. McLeod would be the best in my opinion

    Our firm is licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin and offers information on federal laws that may apply to residents of other states, however, we offer no advice as to the state laws outside of Wisconsin.

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