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Unemployment checks and child support.

Rockford, IL |

Im 46 year old single male. Im a union carpenter and have been layed off more than a year. I cannot find a job anywhere. There is just too many people on the books. My house is in forecloser and I have no heat and no water as they have both been shut off 4 months ago.. I have a 15 year old daughter and am behind in child support. Child services put a lien on my house for almost $6000 last week. I owe the IRS more than that.
I just received an unemployment payment because of the Bush unemployment extension on the 13th. Child services took the entire amount of my checking that included the unemployment deposit totaling $904 from me on the 15th and closed my checking acount. I dont have a penny to my name and this is no jock. I don't have money for food, water,( I use water from the laundry matt which I collect in 5 gallon buckets when I do laundry to shower with) dogfood, auto gas, nicor gas which I was hoping to get turned on with this payment. Electric will be shut off soon. My cell phone(the only phone I have will be off this week). I tried to cut the lock off the gas meter last night because its just too cold in my house and I just cant being cold any more, and damaged the valve in the process. I called nicor this morning and told them what I did. They came out and repaired the valve and let me run my furnance for an 1/2 an hour to warm up the house before they put a lock on it again. I called today for help getting my gas turned back on and there is no way for it to be turned on. I have no money for my daughters Christmas gifts now. My union card dues are 3 months overdo. What do I do to live?? I have sold everything I owned to try and make ends meet. Now I have nothing. Can child support take the last 5 weeks of my unemployment money. I am
Sorry to whine but I never in a million years thought I would be in a situation like the one Im in. I guess my question is , can child support take all your money so you have not one dime to live off of? I called child support this morning to talk with the person in charge of my account to explain to him what is going on. They havn't yet returned my calls.


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Most garnishments cannot take more than 50% of one's income but income is specifically defined. Assets are another story. Usually a proper order can go after assets, such as bank accounts, to the full extent of the order. Sorry.

I had a similar situation once. I went to the office of support enforcement and talked directly to a support officer. He sympathized and worked with me. Might be worth a try. Phone calls don't seem to work as well until you have a specific person to talk to, case number, phone extension.

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Yes Kurt the State can do exactly what they have done. At some point in time you need to file a petition to modify the current support order due to a substantial change in circumstances per state law 750 ILCS 5/510.

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