Undercovers going around asking where to get drugs from random people? Is it common practice

Asked 3 months ago - Lititz, PA

I will give a hypothetical situation. A guy walks into a gas station and says "Anyone know where there is weed" other person says "Nah , I know where to get some dope" Both people exit gas station and then the second guy walks up to a truck where the guy that wanted to buy weed , but now wants to buy heroin instead is talking to an elderly guy inside the truck. The person that knows where to get the dope , lets call him jim... walks up to the truck and is told to back away. So jim goes back to a car he is driving. The weed guy (jay) now gets in the car with a second individual. He gives this story about working construction and being from out of town , even has an out of town phone number from some other state. Well, jim reluctantly believes this story, and buys the dope.

Additional information

Jim now cannot get a hold of jay, and is wondering whether jay may have been involved in some police investigation. But picking random people in a gas station? BTW after jim buys the dope he takes jay and his friend to some hotel. Apparently they are in the area doing construction from recent weather incident. Jim was also told the reason why he was told to back away from the truck is because the old guy looks like a cop. Truck had some kind of decals on it possible business of some kind.

Says this was the case. What kind of charges could jim be facing. Jim is not a drug dealer and would never have even bought them if it weren't for the initation from jay. Does this sound likely police work or paranoia

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  1. Michael Lawrence Doyle


    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . If he were arrested, he should speak to an attorney. My take is that he is in some fear and paranoia. Drugs can cause an individual to be anxious, irrational and make foolish decisions. I have never seen CIs or undercovers work this way, I seriously doubt that is the case. However, if arrested---he needs an attorney. I take it there is a little more to this story. DO not post anything additional regarding the facts on an open website.

    This is not intended as individual legal advice and there is no attorney client relationship established by this... more
  2. Robert H. Hanaford


    Contributor Level 12

    Answered . Well, Jim is an idiot and your story is way too long.

  3. Rixon Charles Rafter III

    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . This site isn't set up for hypotheticals. If it were, Jim would need a criminal defense attorney.


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