Under investigation for taking a stack of 20$ bills from one employees register and putting it into another employees register.

Asked 11 months ago - Fairfield, CA

My co worker called and informed me he was called in to Finance and they accused me the lead of taking a stack of 20's from his register and putting it into another employees register. He stated that it never happened, and they told him they had surveillance cameras that saw it but wont show it to him. So now they should be calling me in the next time I clock in to work. I never did anything that they are accusing me of doing, but they say they have footage of it. If they wont show me the footage can they do anything about it? I feel un safe about the whole situation just because I know i'd do nothing like that. I don't want to go in the next day and talk to them and not know my rights. Help

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  1. Neil Pedersen

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    Answered . You have rights as a criminal defendant to remain silent and not admit to anything. If you think they are investigating criminal conduct, you should contact a criminal defense attorney before going in. Other than that, you have no rights in this context. You can be terminated for this even if you could prove you did not engage in the conduct of which you are accused.

    If you want to have a chance to keep your job, cooperate with a good attitude and do everything you can to prove that you did not do as suggested. If you are a union member, you should get union representation involved right away. You might have some greater procedural rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    Good luck to you.

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  2. Robert Valdivieso Torres

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    Answered . If you are certain you did not do what they say you did, they cannot
    have such a video. Could there be an ulterior motive? Whether you
    cooperate or not, as an at-will employee, they don't have to have a
    valid reason to fire you and may fire you for mere suspicion. If you
    cooperate fully, because you have nothing to hide, they should not fire
    you, but still may if they don't believe you or if they just feel like
    firing you. The only thing that would be actionable would be if they
    are using this as a pretext for an illegal motive for firing you. Good


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