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UD summons and Chapter 7 Dismissal

Oxnard, CA |

If a tenant files a Chapter 7 petition 7 days before a unlawful detainer action. I believe the UD has to be dismissed and re- served once the Landlord has relief from stay.

But what about If a tenant files a Chapter 7 petition 7 days before a unlawful detainer action and the tenant or Bankruptcy court request dismissal of the Bankruptcy case 14 days after unlawful detatainer case was filed.

Does the landlord have to still dismiss original UD action and re-serve just like a relief from stay or can the landlord just go in and get a judgement for possesssion since the Chapter 7 case was just was dismissed.

If case is dismissed the tenant still has the stay protection during the time frame before dismissal, correct?

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Landlord still has to refile and reserve the UD because the prior filing was void (since it was in violation of the automatic stay). Tenant has stay protection from the moment the BK is filed until the moment it is dismissed (often plus 10 days).


I agree with the previous response completely. There's no reason to mess around with the bankruptcy stay even if the case is now dismissed. Refile your UD action as soon as possible and you'll have a new trial date quickly.

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If the bankruptcy case is still open you can file a Motion for Retroactive Relief from Stay (nunc pro tunc) i.e. effective as of the date that the bk was filed. If this is granted the UD action can continue.

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Michael J. Ireland

Michael J. Ireland


From a practical point of view, the time it would take to be heard on the RFS motion probably will exceed the time to re-file the UD. The only reason to pursue the motion for RFS nunc pro tunc is if there is something VERY strange about the case which somehow makes re-filing EXTREMELY difficult, expensive, or impossible. I can't imagine what that would be, but reality has a way of coming up with such strange fact scenarios eventually.


The best thing to do in Ventura County is refile the Unlawful Detainer complaint. The original 3 day notice should still be good as long as the default was never cured.

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