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Two years ago I was recommended a lawyer in New York to handle my discrimination claim against my company. She turn to be inept.

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She blew it and sucked all my money. I consider suing her for malpractice. However, I have no money left and I don't know anybody who would be willing to represent me.
I need help. I am at the and of the rope.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You should consult an attorney. It's very possible for you to find a lawyer who would be willing to take your case on a contingency basis (meaning no attorney fees unless the lawyer gets you something). Generally speaking to establish a prima facie case of legal malpractice you will have to prove that your [1] attorney was negligent, [2] that the negligence caused you to lose your case, and [3] had the attorney not screwed up, you would have won your initial lawsuit.
    The questions is: how was your attorney "inept"? If she blew a statute, then it's a pretty easy case. You just have to start calling lawyers in your area and walk them through your specific fact pattern.
    Good luck.