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Two Questions Adjustment of Status....

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Good Afternoon.

If someone is a U.S.C over 21 and his/her parents come to U.S. on a tourist visa-

1. Can the parents apply for Adjustment of Status in U.S?

2. Do the sponsoring citizen has to attend the interview with the Parents for Adjustment of Status?

Thanking you in advance if an Attorney can guide about these two questions.

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Yes, but since this applicant's parents have immigrant intent, the CBP can deny them entry, revoke their visas and send them back to their home country. If they have to file for B-2 visas, then these visas should be denied, since they have immigrant intent.

This activity is known as "circumventing the visa process." It is considered unlawful and can result in a devastating effect, such as an indefinite ban on immigration.

If your parents process in their home country at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate, then you do not need to attend their interview. If there is an adjudications interview is in the U.S., then the USCIS insists upon you attending.

I hope that this is helpful. Good luck.

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Thank you Atty Dixler for the valuable guidance.So, in your opinion it is best to have them go through consular processing?


A parent of a IS citizen over 21 is an immediate relative. An immediate relative may adjust their status to lawful permanent resident while in the US. Even if they overstayed or worked illegally.



Sir, what about the interview part is the sponsoring U.S.C supposed to attend the interview with parents for AOS? or there is no interview at all?

Moses Apsan

Moses Apsan


It's usually not required, but recommended.


1. Yes
2. Yes

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The parents can not apply for the B visas and enter the U.S. with the intent to file the aos applications.

This answer is of a general nature and should not be relied upon as final, nor is it intended as legal advice. Consult with a qualified attorney before making any legal decisions. Gen Kimura, (832) 247-6932.


I agree with Hector.

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