TWO PARTS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Asked over 1 year ago - Cincinnati, OH

1. Does sending proper notice by way of DMCA “Shut down notice” of infringing copying content hurt the case; were if payment is being received a shut down notice will lessen any profits that could be gained.

2. Does sending DMCA Shut down notice add additional vitality to a claim of copyright infringement?

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  1. James Juo

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    Answered . Your question is confusing, but seems to be asking if you should refrain from sending a DMCA take-down notice so that the accused infringer unknowingly runs up the copyright damages. If your accused infringer falls withing the safe-harbor of the DMCA, that could be a defense to copyright infringement and you may wind up collecting no damages. Also, you should be looking to mitigating damages, not exacerbating them.

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  2. Pamela Koslyn

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    Answered . Again, these are questions you need to ask your own lawyer.

    A failure to send a takedown notice could give the alleged infringer a defense to your claim, because the DMCA is supposed to allow them some notice and opportunity to comply before a lawsuit is filed.

    Copyright infringement litigation isn't a DIY job, and federal judges hate pro ses who go into court not knowing what they're doing, The statutes reward getting a lawyer, and the case law acknowledges appropriate attempts to avoid litigation, which for some reason you're not doing. If you've tried and can't find a lawyer for your case because it lacks value, take the hint and stop wasting everybody's time and the taxpayers' money.

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  3. Michael Charles Doland

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    Answered . I have read your questions several times and can't really understand you. I have read Ms. Koslyn's answer (which is always on point) and her answer didn't help me understand what your questions were. If you are going to court, I respectfully suggest a judge won't understand you either.

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  4. Mark Alan Johnson

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    Answered . First and foremost (and perhaps not on direct point) you MUST be able to properly phrase your question so that people can understand it. Part of the problem appears to be sloppy typing, but there's also the chance that you don't fully understand the legal matters in question... which goes to another answer to this question - if we can't understand you, a judge won't understand you. And the judge won't be very nice about it.

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