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Two name and two social security number

Los Angeles, CA |

Prior to going thru immigration proceedings I was using a different name a social security number. I was later issued a new social security number under my legal name which I'm currently going by now. Can they garnish my wages for a judgment that was issued under name previously used name and SS#, if I'm no longer working under that name and
ss#? But my employer is aware that I was using the old number and name on the judgment order.

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    Whether you used another social security number in the past or not is irrelevant to whether a creditor can garnish your wages. If this is your debt, yes, they can garnish your wages.

    If this is not your debt, in order to stop the wage garnishment, you will need to file documents with the court that issued the judgment to have the judgment clarified that you are not the debtor.

    Hope this perspective helps.

  2. If you are the same person as is being sued then yes they can garnish wages. However, if you were illegall (DO NOT ANSWER IN THIS FORUM) name and SS. number then their are bigger concearns that can occur. I.E. Identity theft.

    I hope this helps you.
    Jonathan Leventhal, Esq.