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Trying to remove ex-girlfriends things from my house.Can I either set her things outside or take them to her?

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My Ex- girlfriend has moved out of MY house 6months ago &STILL had not attempted to get ALL of her things out of my house.She has only grabbed a piece here or a box there only after she causes trouble by getting violent &refuses to leave my house &I'm forced to call the police to remove her.That's when she states that"I'm only here to get a box"or"picture frames"I've tried to sue her to remove her things(Was advised to file under landlord-tenant to remove her things)The court threw the case because no money was owed.She still wont get her things &threatens to sue me if I remove her things.I wanted to send a certified letter to her requesting her to get her things out by May 5th.Maybe even getting the letter signed by a notary.We're also in a paternity action.Can the judge in that case help

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The judge in the paternity case won't help. You might put them in a storage unit and send her the key.

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It sounds like you have a multitude of legal problems that one or two calls to an attorney could probably rectify.

As far as the letter is concerned, a certified letter indicating itemizing the pieces in your possession that belong to her and giving her a time-frame to come retrieve them (and the consequences for failure to do so) is probably fine, but as you suspect, it has to conform to a whole host of regulations (city, state) unless you want to expose yourself to a countersuit if you fail to give her adequate notice.

As far as the paternity judge question is concerned, maybe? The judge would have to have jurisdiction over the dispute, and based on the facts you've included, it's difficult to answer affirmatively that the court would.

I suggest seeking out a free consultation from a general practice attorney, and see if they can point you in the right direction. A few hundred dollars ought to clear this up, which is a bargain considering the exposure you have if you get it wrong.

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Yes, file a claim for storage costs because she won't get her stuff

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