Trying to make sense of my divorce progress, what should I do?

Filing Date: 01/05/2012 Case Type: Dissolution of Marriage (General Jurisdiction) Status: Pending --- Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order) 08/07/2012 Stipulation-Waive Service Dec Disc 08/07/2012 Declaration-Serv Final Decl of Dis Filed by Petitioner 08/07/2012 Stipulation, Appearance & Waivers 08/07/2012 Declaration-Default 05/15/2012 Judgment-Package Received-STIP 02/22/2012 Declaration-Serv Pre Dec Dis Inc Filed by Petitioner 02/22/2012 Declaration-Income & Expense Filed by Petitioner 02/15/2012 Declaration-Property Filed by Respondent 02/15/2012 Response Filed by Respondent 02/15/2012 Declaration-Serv Pre Dec Dis Inc Filed by Respondent 01/19/2012 Proof of Service-Summons & Com Filed by Petitioner 01/05/2012 Summons-Family Law Filed by Petitioner 01/05/12

Long Beach, CA -

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Oscar Ernesto Toscano

Oscar Ernesto Toscano

Family Law Attorney - Glendale, CA

Looks like you are describing the activity per the court website. Your spouse filed for divorce. You filed a response. You entered into some kind of agreement and agreed that it may proceed by default. The court received the judgment package. No decision on it yet. Too early to panic. The court will take weeks before it process the default package assuming it is correct.

Richard Eric Anthony Dwyer

Richard Eric Anthony Dwyer

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Mountain View, CA

It is unclear from your question whether you are the petitioner or the respondent. A judgement package has been delivered to the Court pursuant to stipulation and the parties are waiting for it to be signed. You are not yet divorced.

Diana Lucia Martinez

Diana Lucia Martinez

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Ontario, CA

Most courts take approximately 6-8 weeks to review and approve/reject the judgment documents. Your paperwork is in the window. It is possible for the court to get to it sooner, but this is what the clerks are projecting. You will receive notice once the judgment is approved or rejected. That notice, assuming the judgment is approved, will give you your effective date of divorce. Until such time, you are still married. If your judgment is rejected, you will receive the documents back (or the Petitioner will) along with a rejection form that explains the deficiency/ies. Those will have to be corrected, re-filed (along with the rejection form) and you will again await approval or further rejection.

I hope this is helpful.

Since the information provided in your question is very limited and I have not had an opportunity to review all... more
Margaret Davalene Wilson

Margaret Davalene Wilson

Family Law Attorney - Granada Hills, CA

It appears that you or your spouse are in the final stage of completing the dissolution of marriage process. It also appears that a Judgment package was submitted in May 2012 and that they got around to processing it on August 7, 2012. What concerns me is that they didn't enter the Judgment, which can mean one of three things:
(1) they haven't finished reviewing the Judgment,
(2) there is a problem with the Judgment that was submitted and they will send you a rejection notice telling you what needs to be fixed, or
(3) the court is in the process of setting a hearing to enter the Judgment. If the court sets a hearing date don't be alarmed. Usually when this happens the court just wants to make sure that both parties understand the Stipulation they have entered into.

Either way you should be receiving something within the next two weeks letting you know the status. If you do not hear from the court I would suggest calling the clerks office.

Please note that until you receive the Notice of Entry of Judgment and the Judgment indicating the dissolution date you are still married.

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