Trying to avoid Deportation and citizenship is almost due. Please help with options. Planning to remarry will that help

Asked almost 2 years ago - Chicago, IL

Hi Ive been in the US since 10/9/03. I got my conditional green card on 12/26/07 and then my permanent residency which expires 03/10/20. I'm a Paki but came on an F1 visa from KSA. I got married and then got divorced in 2011. I got a felony charge with constructive possession of cocaine 5.2 grams in the city of Chicago on 5/10/10. I received probation for 24months I went on a bench trial lost that and then tried at the appellate court and lost there too. I've traveled outside US many times for instance: left on 12/15/03 came back on 1/10/04 left again in 04 and came back on 1/1/05. left 12/09/05 came back on 12/20/05. left 9/8/06 came back on 9/23/06 this was my last trip to Saudi Arabia. I also went to Canada 2 times in 06 don't remember the dates. I've been trying to prove my innocence.

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It was found in a taxi which i drove on the night of may 10. Finished my BBA and have no previous criminal records. Getting remarried to a US citizen in few months. Looking for aggressive lawyers who can help.

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    Answered . You need to contact an immigration attorney directly. Removal proceedings involving criminal issues are not the types of things that you can address through sites such as this. On the basis of what you've written, your criminal case may interrupt your physical presence for certain forms of relief, and it could also affect your eligibility for naturalization. Details such as the dates of certain events and the specific statutes in question could make a significant difference in your case, and an attorney would need to review them as well as your whole immigration and criminal history in order to properly advise you. Good luck! - 312.641.0771 - The information above is general in nature and is not intended to create an... more
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    Answered . The immigration consequences of convictions depend on the exact language of the statute under which the conviction took place.

    You need to retain an experienced immigration lawyer to review all the facts, including the court disposition and the charging documents, in order to advise you, and handle the case.

    J Charles Ferrari Eng & Nishimura 213.622.2255 The statement above is general in nature and does not... more
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    Answered . Contact and consult with a few lawyers, choose one with whom you feel comfortable.

    Samuel Ouya Maina, Esq. 415.391.6612 Law Offices of S. Ouya Maina, PC 332 Pine Street,... more

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