Trustee as owner of an LLC - How?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Burbank, CA

If one wishes to have a LLC owned by a trust, should the LLC operating agreement list the owner as "ABC Trust" or "John Doe, Trustee of ABC Trust"? Thank you

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  1. Michael Ross Lykken

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    Answered . This depends on the type of trust created. For a standard revocable living trust, the trust itself can't own property so the membership interest would be issued to the trustee as trustee of the trust.

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  3. Kermit M Milburn


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    Answered . The Operating Agreement should reflect the Trustee of the Trust and name of the Trust. You should include in the Company book a Memorandum of Trust so that in the event the Trustee changes, the other members of the LLC would be on notice of who can act as Successor Trustee.

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