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Truck towing from a store parking lot where I have had delivery.

Chicago, IL |

How do you interpret the following passage from the ICC:
"The Commission approved a maximum charge for relocation towing of $520 per tow, per unit for medium duty vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds but less than 40,000 pounds; $700 per tow, per unit for heavy duty vehicles weighing more than 40,000 pounds; and a storage rate of $140 per unit per day after the first 24 hours."

I was charged $520 and $700 on two separate invoices. My empty vehicle weighs 33100 pounds. It is an 18 wheeler.

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I think you are wondering whether the ICC provision means what is says, in common sense language; it does. However, your problem is establishing whether your truck was under 40,000 pounds. Can an 18 wheeler come under that weight? I would suggest that you present any written proof of weight to the tow company, insist on a refund, and warn them that you will complain to the ICC about their charges in violation of the rule. If the tow company does not give you satisfaction, then present your written evidence to the ICC. Good luck.

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