Trouble with some questions on naturalization application

1. What do I put in the middle name field if I do not have one? N/A or None or leave blank? 2. I have had a W-2 for 2010, but did not file taxes as my earning was minimal, and IRS told me it was ok not to file. Do I need to file them for 2011 in order to apply for citizenship? 3. My mother has graduated with AA and AS degree from a community college, but has not worked ever since. Can she be denied citizenship because of that?

Glendale, CA -

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J Charles Ferrari

J Charles Ferrari

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

You really need to retain an experienced immigration attorney. Case specific advise cannot be given through Avvo as that advice requires knowing ALL the facts.

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Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

1. Do not put N/A. Just skip it. You would not want to end up with the N/A middle name on your Certificate of Naturalization, would you?
2. If your income is as small, no
3. No.

F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III

Immigration Attorney - Portland, OR

Although I agree with my colleague's response to your 1,2 3 questions.

I also agree with Mr. Ferrari .... meet with a lawyer ... this is NOT A SIMPLE PROCESS.

If you're talking about your mother, don't put her through a stressful experience w/o double-checking IN PERSON with an attorney.

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