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Transitional Living- how many people per room is legal?

Reno, NV |

My son lives in a transitional sober living facility. It's a converted motel with a main living area and around 24 rooms like a standard room you'd get at say- a Motel 6. His rent is 150.00 which includes food, a laundry facility, and a 12 step program on-site. When he first arrived they told him there would be 2 per room. Recently, they've put in a bunk bed in each room and now have three to a room. These are very small rooms with a small bathroom. The rent is the same. I can't find occupancy laws in Reno, Nevada, so I don't know what the rules are when the amount of people changes regarding rent or how many people they can put in a particular space. There was no notification to the tentants about the change. Can anyone guide me on tentant rights in regard to this type of facility?

$150.00 a week rent per tenant (not tentant) sorry.

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Look over the contract or lease. It is quite possible that the answers to your questions are in there.

For example, the lease could say up to 3 persons per room or it could say something different. Also, you could call Reno's zoning and licensing authority and find out how many persons are allowed per room in the facility.

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Tnank you for the quick response from a local attorney. I'll check into it.

Matthew T. Cecil

Matthew T. Cecil


No problem. Good luck to you.


The law usually allows a fairly high density, I know I was surprised when I looked into it once. Local ordinances dictate the occupancy density here in California. I would call the city planning department, they could easily tell you what the ordinance is.



Thank you for your response from California. I live near the stateline so I will check into both states.

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