Transition from an Injunction to a Limited Contact Order

THe court has ordered a Injunction indefinitely on my behalf against my son's father. Our son is 2 and as he gets older he will become involved in sports and school activities, which I believe should be attended by both parents. I do not want our Injunction to negitively effect my son's view of either parent. I have heard about a limited contact order as opposed to a full no-contact order. His father was very abusive in the privacy of our home, before we separated (its been a year and a half), but was civil in public. Would the limited contact order be feasible in a situation like this; by only allowing us to be near each other in public, with electronic communication and him not being allowed near my home?

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Summer Rae Goldman

Summer Rae Goldman

Domestic Violence Lawyer - Saint Petersburg, FL

You could file a motion to amend or modify the injunction. The modification could allow for the type of contact you're suggesting. The link below is a a form for a Motion for Modification of Injunction, which should work for your situation.
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