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Traffic Violations in different counties

Vienna, VA |

This is what I currently have going for me: stop one (2010, general district) ---- dui (which resulted in one year of probation) stop two (2011, arlington county) ------ fraud (giving wrong information) driving on a suspended reckless stop three (2011, arlington county) ----- reckless driving (alcohol related but no dui) driving on a suspended stop four (2012, state police in fairfax county) ----- first offence HOV violation driving on a suspended I am looking for a new lawyer who has more experience than the lawyers that I recently worked with who could help me with my situation. Also, should I be looking at jail time? Is there any way I could possibly get house arrest instead? I run a business from home and help my family financially so it is crucial that I continue my work

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  1. What are you charged with exactly? What is the point total on your DMV record? Were you cooperative with the officer? What were you pulled over for? In which county is the current charge?

  2. It is difficult to determine from your question exactly which of these charges are still pending, and which are convictions. If you were previously convicted of DUI in Arlington, and on probation with Virginia ASAP, you would definately be looking at getting the entire balance of your suspended sentence for a violation of that probation if you were convicted of any of the rest of the charges. Furthermore, most judges will give you actual jail time if you are convicted of driving on suspended when you were suspended for a DUI. You definately need competent counsel, but even the best lawyer might not be able to get you out of charges like these.

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  3. It is hard to tell from your list what charges are still affecting you. All court costs and fines must be paid to even start thinking about getting your license reinstated. HOV 1st is a statutory fine of $125.00. A third or subsequent driving on suspended charges comes with a mandatory 10 days in jail unless there are mitigating factors. I also cannot tell if all of your driving on suspended charges are because of the DUI or simply because you have not been reinstated. The short answer is you will probably be looking at some jail time. How much is hard to say. You can pre-interview for work release, however you will not qualify if you aren't looking at more than 30 days of active jail time.

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