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Traffic Infraction

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Received a ticket for flashing headlights for notifying other drivers of a speed trap. If I challenge this ticket, can I prevail?

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Did you tell the officer who wrote the ticket this? What did you say your reson for flashing the lights was? I need more information. WHatever you do, I would not go to the court pro se and say that in court. Hire a local attorney to appear for you. If she or he can't get the ticket thrown out, she or he may be able to get you a withhold of adjudication- depending how you conducted yourself when pulled over and how you spoke to the police.


James Regan, LL.M, Esq.

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If you did not admit to the cop that you were flashing your lights on purpose to warn other motorists, then you have a good chance of beating the ticket. If you have a good driving record, I would recommend hiring an attorney to challenge the ticket so that you can at least try for a withhold of adjudication (no points on your license), even if you lose the traffic hearing itself. Feel free to call me at 407-412-7040 for a free phone consultation (just say you saw my post on

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Challenge it - by hiring a traffic attorney. Check out the link to a memo released last year by the FHP director that directs all troopers to cease enforcement of headlight flashing violations. answers provided solely for informational purposes. Answers are not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. If you are seeking legal advice, contact a competent attorney in your local jurisdiction. Learn more about my practice at

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