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Traded for a bmw and BMV says title was not the most recent title. Seller says there is now a lien on the car an wants it back!

Canton, OH |

I traded my 1998 ford f150 for a 2002 BMW 325xi back in april. Ive been working on the car and finnaly went today to get the title switched but it wasnt the most recent one so they wouldnt accept it. I contacted the seller to get a new title and the previous owner tells me there is now a lien on the car and if i do not return it they will report it stolen. I told him to give me the truck back and id give him the car back. He said no. I told him to settle the lien and give me a title he said no. I told him i was going to contact authorities he said he doesnt care have a nice day. WHAT CAN I DO???? Am i out my truck and the car??

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  1. Wow what a mess. You should not be out the truck and car but you need a litigator to write a letter to the jerk who is trying to have everything both ways.

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  2. You need to consult with a litigation attorney a who is familiar with auto title issues.. Unfortunately, if the seller is unwilling to comply with the terms of your deal, you will most certainly be forced to go to court to try and straighten this matter out. Do not delay in acting. Time will only make this case more difficult to prove.

  3. Hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the person that sold you the car. Based upon the information you provided, sounds like you got screwed.

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