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Too late for Request for Production of Documents or Request for Admissions? ALJ appearance in the next 30 days!

Portage, IN |

I have an administrative legal hearing in the next 30 days or so. I am asking is it too late to ask for Production of Documents?
or Request for admissions?
I have a case against a national university and am going up against 4 lawyers on this. I would really appreciate any ideas. I am fortunate to have had some help from a federal attorney but it was limited.
If I do have time...can someone tell me if the admissions request is a form with question/answer format? And do I ask for specific types of documents to support my claims in the production section?(also telephonic and file contents?)
Sorry this question is multilevel but big case for lil old me!

Single mom against the big dogs (ps I got their motions for summary judgement dismissed)

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I do not practice in front of Indiana Administrative Courts. However, the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure control both of your questions. Request for Admissions and Request for Production are both considered discovery and due 30 days after served directly to the party. If you need the discovery to adequately present your case at the Hearing, i would immediately send the discovery and file a Motion to Postpone the Hearing and specifically site the reasons. A continuance is warranted if you haven't unreasonably delayed the case or asking requests that do not hit at the heart of the case. if you can't get the Hearing continued, send a Subpoena (Duces Tecum) to the other party requiring them to be present at the hearing and to bring all of the requested documents with them to the hearing. If they do not bring the documents or the witness does not show, then that is grounds for a continuance. Yes, Request for Admissions are in a simple question and answer format. Only use once concept per request. For example,Q. "Jane Doe was an employee at Northside University on January 15, 2010." A. (other side responds here). Keep in mind that there are typically no limitation on the amount of Request for Admissions, but keep them factual and to the point. You can also ask the Judge to force the opposing party to answer the Request for Admissions ... for good cause ... within the 30 day window. Bottom line ... hire a lawyer that practices in Administrative Courts.

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